What is a 1xBet bonus bonus rules in the Philippines

Get 144$ free bonus

The betting company 1xBet allows gambling lovers from all over the world to place bets on sports events and win. Statistics show that the quantity of users of this online casino is growing daily.

The site is especially popular in Africa and Asia. The company loves beginner players and willingly provides them with various privileges, for example, 1xBet 100 bonus.

Each user who registered on the 1xBet website and entered a 1xBet promo code receives a small starting capital of 144 $, the so-called welcome 1xBet bonus account. The company does this in order to:

  1. Attract new players to the casino.
  2. Provide a successful start to those who are currently experiencing financial difficulties, using the 1xBet first deposit bonus.
  3. Thank the player for the right choice.
  4. Stimulate customer loyalty.

Some game strategies allow you to get the most out of the welcome bonus. It is important that the amount of money that a player can earn using a bonus loan is not limited. Therefore, this proposal is relevant not only for beginners, but also for more experienced gamblers. The bonus is provided in the currency that a particular player uses, including various types of virtual cryptocurrencies.

The amount that is credited to the account during 1xBet registration does not change, it is always equal to 144 $.

Get 144$ free bonus

How to use your bonus account on 1xBet

1xBet welcome bonus

There are several options for using the welcome bonus, for example:

  • spend the entire amount on bets;
  • spend only part of this amount on your game;
  • postpone 1xBet deposit bonus of 144 $ to your virtual deposit or electronic wallet;
  • spend the bonus on the acquisition of points necessary for participation in promotions and draws of valuable prizes.

The last option is one of the most interesting ones. Earning points with 1xBet sign up bonus, any user can go up to one of the top places in the ranking of the best players. The best of the best participate in the monthly drawing of valuable prizes, among them smartphones with android, a car, several additional free roulette spins. The value of the prize depends on the size of the bets. If a beginner plays big, itโ€™s quite possible to win at least an iphone.

The period during which people can use 1xBet no deposit bonus is as much as 30 days, so beginners have time to think. Thatโ€™s why XBet looks more favorable comparing with other virtual casinos where users receive bonuses as well, but after a few days, unused money disappears from your 1xBet bonus account. Here you can take your time, the gift wonโ€™t go anywhere for a month. The main thing is to build the strategy of the game in such a way as to comply with the bonus rules and win a larger amount of cash.

Get 144$ free bonus

How you can get and apply 1xBet bonus code

1xBet how to get a bonus

Getting a 1xBet welcome bonus of 144 $ on a virtual deposit or your e-wallet is very simple.

To do this, you should:

  1. Perform a simple registration procedure on the virtual casino website to open a bonus account.
  2. Pass verification of your personal data using the mobile phone number indicated on the registration form.
  3. Open virtual deposit 1xgames bonus account using the appropriate app.
  4. Wait for enrollment of the first bonus. This usually happens instantly. The bonus is credited automatically as soon as the 1xBet bonus code is entered and the net receives information about the opening of a new deposit on the virtual casino website.

You donโ€™t have to pay fees or commissions to receive the privilege. All manipulations on the site in accordance with 1xBet bonus rules are absolutely free. The privacy policy is fully respected.

As a rule, in accordance with the 1xBet bonus terms, beginners are invited to spend a gift on the so-called โ€˜accumulatorโ€™ bets โ€“ risky, but very profitable. Your bonus offer can be used for accumulator bets a maximum of five times, while the player must bet at least on three sporting events. The allowable coefficient for holders of bonus code is from 1.40.

In order to win on accumulator bets, users need to have a clear strategy for the game and a good idea of bonus terms and conditions. For any questions you may consult with the technical support service of the virtual casino.

Get 144$ free bonus

1xGames โ€“ other privileges for beginners besides the bonus account

1xBet 1xGames

1xBet bonus rules. In addition to the bonus credit, the virtual casino offers beginners and experienced gamblers many other privileges, for example:

  1. The presence of a visually understandable interface that uses your language.
  2. Ability to access sport bets from any device, including ipad.
  3. A variety of methods to top up your deposit and withdraw money from the electronic account of 1xBet bonus withdrawal.
  4. Round-the-clock support for 1xgames fans, which is provided by first-class specialists.
  5. Transparency and honesty of monetary calculations, the constant availability of fresh stats.

That’s why users from all over the world love 1xBet and are willing to make big bets. You should also remember that after receiving the welcome 1xBet registration bonus, the user automatically acquires the right to participate in the daily jackpot and receives a 1xBet birthday bonus.

For more experienced gamblers there is also a number of special offers that allow you to increase the amount of the starting 1xBet Friday bonus. The cashback system allows you to return up to 30% of funds credited to your virtual deposit. Before you register, you should remember that only adult citizens are allowed to all types of games. If you enter incorrect data, your account and virtual deposit will be blocked, and your bonus will be canceled.

If you want to use 1xBet bonus points, you can register and pick them right now. It doesnโ€™t take much time, and a small pleasant gift can be immediately used for the game. The company gives beginners a unique starting opportunity โ€“ 1xBet first deposit bonus, and you wonโ€™t find such an offer at other bookmakers.

Get 144$ free bonus

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